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Penile Cancer

What is Penile Cancer?

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Penile cancer occurs when cells in a man’s penis grow abnormally. It begins in skin cells and then spreads inside. It is rare but if diagnosed early, can be completely treated. 

Though the exact cause of penile cancer is not known but it is commonly seen in men with HPV infection (human papillomavirus), over 60, smokers or having a weakened immunity due to HIV, and who aren’t circumcised. Some men have a tight foreskin due to which it becomes difficult to clean and fluid builds up. Some had psoriasis treatment with the drug psoralen and UV light: these also can lead to penile cancer.

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Symptoms of Penile Cancer

You should contact Dr. Raghunath if you see any changes in your penile skin. Other common symptoms are:
Changes in skin thickness or color
A rash or small crusty bumps on your penis; it can look like an unhealed scab
Growths that look bluish-brown
A lump on your penis
A bad-smelling discharge underneath your foreskin
A sore on your penis, which may bleed
Swelling at the end of your penis
Lumps under the skin of your groin
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Diagnosis of Penile Cancer

To diagnose if you have penile cancer or not, Dr. Raghunath will examine you physically and may recommend:
Imaging tests like x-rays, CT scans, ultrasound and MRI to look for tumors or other signs of cancer spread.
A biopsy: A small tissue sample of the lesion is taken from the penis and sent to lab for testing.
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Treatment Options

If the cancer is in its initial stages, Dr. Raghunath may suggest the following treatment:
A medication in the form of a cream for your skin
Cryotherapy, a procedure that uses an extremely cold liquid or a device to freeze and destroy cancerous tissue
Mohs surgery, in which doctors remove affected skin one layer at a time until they reach healthy tissue
Lasers to cut and destroy areas that contain cancer
Circumcision, a surgery to remove your foreskin, if you had cancer only in your foreskin
If your cancer has advanced or more likely to spread, you might also have:
Surgery to remove some or all of the lymph nodes in your groin, if your cancer has spread there
Lasers to cut and destroy areas that contain cancer
A penectomy, a surgery to remove some or all of your penis
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Life After Treatment

After treatment Dr. Raghunath will watch you closely during follow-up visits to look for new signs of cancer. Most treatments for early-stage penile cancer don’t affect your ability to have but chemotherapy and radiation might. Dr. Raghunath will counsel you regarding the possible side effects and how you can manage them.
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When you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, you may experience disbelief, fear, anger & anxiety. This is the time to stay strong.

My team and me are on a mission to treat patients with prostate cancer. 

I would like to assure you that prostate cancer if caught early can be successfully treated. I am here to support you and together we can defeat cancer.

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Dr Raghunath is professionally sound and an expert surgeon. He is patient and gets to the bottom of the issue before charting a course of action. He took on a risky surgery with me of a rare condition and achieved 100% results. I will highly recommend him for any uro surgery requirements.
Rajmohan Iyer
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Dr. Raghunath is one of the best doctors I have ever met. He is patient, is always smiling to make his patients comfortable, and remembers in great detail everything a patient tells him during every round of check-up. I consulted him for my dad. He explained everything well and gave us options before finalizing a course for treatment. He is very clear with his post-op instructions as well. His team, including Dr. Tejas, Sangamesh and Girish, is wonderful as well. They ensure availability for the patient every step of the way.
Tanaya Singh

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