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Dr. Raghunath S K is one of the top uro-oncologist in south India. He has performed more than 4000 uro-oncological surgeries, including many complex and rare cases. In fact he and his team has one of the largest series of performing uro-oncological surgeries by open as well as by robotic means, in India. Dr. Raghunath S K believes that each patient is different and uses personal and compassionate approach to treat his patients.

Dr. Raghunath S K

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Being diagnosed with cancer can be emotionally over-whelming. Various questions come to mind and getting solution is not easy. Not any more. 

I have built this website to create an awareness about all uro-oncological cancers. You will find detailed information which will help to clarify all your doubts and be ready to fight & defeat cancer.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me or call me.

Dr. Raghunath S K

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Dr. Raghunath & his team are experts in treating the below six types of urological cancers.
Prostate Cancer Blue Ribbon icon

Prostate Cancer

Together, Let’s Beat Prostate Cancer!

Getting diagnosed with prostate cancer can be challenging. You can trust Dr. Raghunath to create a personalized Prostate cancer treatment plan designed for better prognosis.
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Old Indian man
Old Indian man
Kidney Cancer Ribbon Icon

Kidney Cancer

You’re safe in our hands!

Kidney cancer is a rare cancer, which needs multidisciplinary approach. With experience of more than 20 years in kidney cancer surgeries, you’re in safe hands!
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Bladder Cancer

Join us on the road to cure

Join us to fight bladder cancer before it’s too late. Dr. Raghunath’s experience and expertise will sail you through tough times.
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Old Indian man
Old Indian man

Penile Cancer

Real men speak up!

Often men do not report any changes happening to their genitals, but it’s not a matter of shame. Early diagnosis means better prognosis. Talk to our expert today.
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Prostate Cancer Blue Ribbon icon

Testicular Cancer

Let’s catch testicular cancer early

Self-examination and routine check ups are keys to catch it early. Dr. Raghunath S K will suggest you a treatment option best suited to you.
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Old Indian man
Old Indian man
Adrenal cancer ribbon

Adrenal Cancer

Don’t let your adrenal cancer linger in you!

Adrenal cancer is rare entity that can strike anyone. But with timely detection and expert treatment, it can be managed. Talk to our expert Dr. Raghunath SK today.
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Benefits of Robotic Surgery

Key Hole Surgery

No Big Cut / 3 small incision access

Less Pain & Discomfort

Faster return to normal activities    

Short Hospital Stay

Lower hospitalization bills                

Faster Healing

Get back your lifestyle                        
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TEDx  - Dr Raghunath S K 

Robotic Surgery - A Medical Boon

Listen to Dr. Raghunath SK speak on how robotic surgery empowers the surgeon and how patients can benefit from it. He also provides a perspective on cancer treatment in India. He ends the talk by providing amazing information on how the 5G & Virtual Reality could change the course of Robotic surgery and cancer treatments in very near future. A must listen talk for everyone.
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Dr. Raghunath S K conducts consultation at below locations

HCG Cancer Care Hospital

No 8, HCG Towers, P. Kalinga Rao Road, Sampangi Ram Nagar, 
Bengaluru, Karnataka- 560027
View Map

Trustwell Hospitals

# 5, Chandrika tower, JC Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002
Phone # +91 89042 43730
View Map
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I can tell its my second birth, were I have suffered from kidney cancer at age of 21, from last 5 years I am suffering from this, but I am unaware of this. With reference to my Family Doctor I meet Dr.Raghunath.SK kidney specialist Oncology at HCG Bangalore. He treated me so well and he decided to go for surgery.since i am young I am afraid to take this but however he managed me and finally he did surgery and it was 18 cm tumor I was shocked. But he saved my life and my hole family was happy about this...thanks a lot to him
Madhan G
Customer Testimonial icon
Dr. Raghunath is one of the best doctors I have ever met. He is patient, is always smiling to make his patients comfortable, and remembers in great detail everything a patient tells him during every round of check-up. I consulted him for my dad. He explained everything well and gave us options before finalizing a course for treatment. He is very clear with his post-op instructions as well. His team, including Dr. Tejas, Sangamesh and Girish, is wonderful as well. They ensure availability for the patient every step of the way.
Tanaya Singh

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This website is built with intention of providing basic details about the various diseases. The contents of the website is not meant to replace an in-person consultation. Please follow the advise of your doctor via in-person consultation. This website will not assume any legal responsibility for the patient’s medical condition.
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