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Kidney Cancer

What is Kidney Cancer?

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Cancer is a disease that happens when bad cells in your body grow and multiply out of control. Kidney cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the kidneys. 

The most common type of kidney cancer is renal cell carcinoma which occurs very frequently in adults and the other type of kidney cancer which is found in children is known as Wilms'tumor.

Doctors aren't really sure what causes renal cell carcinoma. It is thought to be produced due to abnormal mutations of the kidney cells which then later grow and divide rapidly.

Symptoms of Kidney Cancer

You might not feel any signs or symptoms in the early stages of kidney cancer. These develop in the course of time. In its advanced state it may cause signs and symptoms listed below. Kindly note that these symptoms could be caused by conditions other than prostate cancer as well. Should you see any of the below symptoms, seek immediate appointment with Dr. Raghunath SK.
Blood in your urine
Anemia (lack of red-blood cells in the body)
Lower back pain or pain in the side which does not go away
Unexplained weight loss
A mass or lump around your abdomen
Loss of appetite
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Diagnosis of Kidney Cancer

Dr. Raghunath SK will initially take your medical & family history. This is followed by a physical exam. Dr. Raghunath SK may recommend you to undergo the below test to determine if you have kidney cancer. 
Blood & Urine Test :  These test will check the organ function and eliminate possible infection, kidney stones, etc.
Imaging Scans :  Dr. Raghunath might recommend to have an Ultrasound, MRI, or CT scan can to identify changes in the shape of the kidney indicating cancer.
Biopsy : A biopsy is the main tool for diagnosing kidney cancer. During this procedure a small piece of tissue is removed from the Kidney and looked at under a microscope to see if there are cancer cells. Dr. Raghunath will suggest biopsy only if required.
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Sr Indian couple

Staging of Cancer

Kidney cancer has 4 stages which range from I to IV. Stage I indicates that cancer is confined to the kidney, while stage IV indicates that the cancer has progressed to other organs of the body. 

Dr Raghunath will then determine how far the cancer has spread in the body. Depending upon the stage of cancer appropriate treatment plan will be recommended.

Treatment Options

Dr Raghunath along with his team of medical & radiation oncologist will help you to determine your treatment plan based on multiple conditions like grade & stage of cancer, your age, your health conditions, etc. You will be explained various options. You & Dr Raghunath can together decide on the next course of action.  
Surgery :  The most common treatment for kidney cancer is surgery. Dr. Raghunath can either remove part of the kidney which is affected (partial nephrectomy) or remove the entire kidney itself (nephrectomy) depending on the stage of cancer. It is possible for a person to survive with only one kidney. Dr. Raghunath usually recommends laparoscopic or robotic procedures for these surgeries. 

Click on this link to know more about the Nephrectomy procedure in detail.
Non-Surgical Options :  In case where surgery is not possible, non-surgical options like ablation, Chemo therapy, Immunotherapy, Radiation therapy can be used.

Life After Treatment

Once you have completed treatment, you might have to come for follow-up check-ups. It is important to keep a watch on reoccurrence of tumors.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle by stopping smoking, limiting alcohol, having a balanced diet & regular exercises can go a long way in recovering from cancer. Staying positive is also important.

More & more people with kidney cancer are leading normal life after successful completion of their treatment.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Dr. Raghunath S K

Your Friendly Uro-Oncologist in Bangalore

When you are diagnosed with kidney cancer, you may experience disbelief, fear, anger & anxiety. This is the time to stay strong.

My team and me are on a mission to treat patients with kidney cancer. 

I would like to assure you that kidney cancer if caught early can be successfully treated. I am here to support you and together we can defeat cancer.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me or call me
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Happy Patients

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I can tell its my second birth, were I have suffered from kidney cancer at age of 21, from last 5 years I am suffering from this, but I am unaware of this. With reference to my Family Doctor I meet Dr.Raghunath.SK kidney specialist Oncology at HCG Bangalore. He treated me so well and he decided to go for surgery.since i am young I am afraid to take this but however he managed me and finally he did surgery and it was 18 cm tumor I was shocked. But he saved my life and my hole family was happy about this...thanks a lot to him
Madhan G
Customer Testimonial icon
Dr. Raghunath is one of the best doctors I have ever met. He is patient, is always smiling to make his patients comfortable, and remembers in great detail everything a patient tells him during every round of check-up. I consulted him for my dad. He explained everything well and gave us options before finalizing a course for treatment. He is very clear with his post-op instructions as well. His team, including Dr. Tejas, Sangamesh and Girish, is wonderful as well. They ensure availability for the patient every step of the way.
Tanaya Singh

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