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Bladder Cancer

What is Bladder Cancer?

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Bladder is an organ in human excretory system, which holds the urine. Bladder cancer is a common type of cancer that occurs in the cells and tissues of the bladder and may spread to the nearby tissues and organs as well. Though the exact cause of this cancer is unknown, it most often starts in the cells that line the inner wall of bladder.

It is easily diagnosed even at an early stage, when it is highly treatable. People with bladder cancer usually needs long-term follow-up even after treatment to keep a check on its recurrence.

Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

With bladder cancer, many people experience blood in urine but pain while urinating. You should pay attention if any of the following symptoms occur:
Blood in the urine
Painful urination
Frequent urination
Urgent urination
Urinary incontinence
Pain in the abdominal area
Pain in the lower back
Fatigue, weight loss, and bone tenderness indicate more advanced disease. If you notice discoloured or blood stains in your urine, make an appointment with Dr. Raghunath at the earliest.
Bladder Symptoms

Diagnosis of Bladder Cancer

Dr. Raghunath may use one or more of the following diagnostic tests to confirm your diagnosis:
Urine analysis, also called urine cytology
Imaging tests like X-ray, a CT urogram or retrograde pyelogram
An internal physical examination
Cystoscopy in which a narrow tube with an inbuilt camera is inserted in your bladder through your urethra
A biopsy of a small sample of your bladder tissue to check for cancer
If the bladder cancer is confirmed, Dr. Raghunath will further order some tests for determining the spread of the cancer in your body. These will be:
CT scan
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Positron emission tomography (PET)
Bone scan
Chest X-ray
Request for Biopsy
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Bladder cancer staging & grading

Just like other cancers, bladder cancer can be staged from 0 to IV. The lowest stages means the cancer is still in the inner layers of the bladder and haven’t spread to the muscular bladder wall. Stage IV means the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes or organs in the other areas of the body.

After histopathology, the nature or the grade of bladder cancer will be determined. Bladder cancer can be graded as either low or high grade.
The cells of low-grade bladder cancer are very much like normal cells and they are slow-growing and less likely to spread. High-grade bladder cancer cells are abnormal-looking and grow more aggressively.

Post staging and grading of the bladder cancer, Dr. Raghunath and his team will recommend an appropriate treatment plan.

Treatment Options

Undergoing cancer treatment can be challenging. Your treatment plan will be devised based on various factors like your age, your cancer type, stage and grade, health conditions etc. Dr. Raghunath will counsel you and your family about the treatment journey and expected prognosis before taking the next step.

A combination of the below mentioned treatment approaches may be used by the doctor:
Surgery to remove the cancer cells. This may include Transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT) to diagnose and remove the cancer present in the inner layers of bladder only. Doctor may remove all or a part of the bladder called Cystectomy. After a radical cystectomy, Dr. Raghunath will create a new way for urine to leave your body by either neobladder reconstruction, or by making an ileal conduit or continent urinary reservoir. Click on these links to know in detail about these procedures.
Intravesical chemotherapy to treat cancers that are limited to the lining of the bladder but have a high risk of recurrence or progressing to a higher stage
Systemic chemotherapy to increase the probability of a cure in a person having surgery to remove the bladder, or as a primary treatment when surgery isn't an option
Radiation therapy to destroy cancer cells, often as a primary treatment when surgery isn't an option or isn't preferred
Immunotherapy to trigger the body's immune system to fight cancer cells, either in the bladder or throughout the body
Targeted therapy to treat advanced cancer when other treatments aren’t of much help.

Life After Treatment

If diagnosed early and treated on time, bladder cancer has the highest chances of cure. Stage 1 bladder cancer have 88% cure rate. Dr. Raghunath might recommend a test to examine the inside of your urethra and bladder (cystoscopy) every three to six months for the first few years after bladder cancer treatment. After a few uneventful years, you may need a cystoscopy exam only once a year. He may recommend other tests at regular intervals as well.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Dr. Raghunath S K

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When you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, you may experience disbelief, fear, anger & anxiety. This is the time to stay strong.

My team and me are on a mission to treat patients with prostate cancer. 

I would like to assure you that prostate cancer if caught early can be successfully treated. I am here to support you and together we can defeat cancer.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me or call me
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Dr Raghunath is professionally sound and an expert surgeon. He is patient and gets to the bottom of the issue before charting a course of action. He took on a risky surgery with me of a rare condition and achieved 100% results. I will highly recommend him for any uro surgery requirements.
Rajmohan Iyer
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Dr. Raghunath is one of the best doctors I have ever met. He is patient, is always smiling to make his patients comfortable, and remembers in great detail everything a patient tells him during every round of check-up. I consulted him for my dad. He explained everything well and gave us options before finalizing a course for treatment. He is very clear with his post-op instructions as well. His team, including Dr. Tejas, Sangamesh and Girish, is wonderful as well. They ensure availability for the patient every step of the way.
Tanaya Singh

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